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OEA's Guidance Manual on Converting Military Airfields to Civil Airports

The information in this manual is intended to provide you with good initial overview, including detailed information on the process to convert former military airfield property to public civilian aviation use, the role of and assistance available from the Federal Aviation Administration, as well as case studies from the local perspective of successful airfield conversions. Additionally, we include websites and points of contact to help you work through the many considerations associated with an airfield conversion.

HUD Guidance to LRAs on Homeless Assistance Submission

As you continue to develop the base realignment and closure (BRAC) applications(s) for the military installations in your community, HUD would like to share some helpful hints with you. This guidance was prepared after reviewing a number of BRAC applications received to date, and is provided in order to help you avoid the most common mistakes the department had encountered. Please review this list carefully and fill out the Completeness Review Checklist provided in the "HUD Guidebook for Military Base Reuse and Homeless Assistance" prior to submitting your application.

Changes at Military Bases: A Community Planning Challenge

A closed military base is often the single greatest economic development asset to befall a community. Suddenly a major airfield, port facility, or commercial and industrial space becomes available, with built-in support infrastructure. Base land and buildings also offer an opportunity to satisfy unmet requirements for affordable housing, community facilities, and services. Most major bases have a variety of housing units, recreation, health care, and education facilities that could be used to establish or expand these services in the area affected by base closure.

Guide Book on Military Base Reuse and Homeless Assistance

For more than four decades, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has closed or realigned military installations to reduce overhead, enhance readiness and modernization, and adjust to the realities of changing international relations. The resulting impact on surrounding communities is often dramatic. Many communities have successfully converted these former installations to civilian uses such as parks and other recreational facilities, business centers, market-rate housing, affordable housing, and transitional housing for homeless persons.

Base Redevelopment Planning for BRAC Sites

The Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA), through the Defense Economic Adjustment Program, helps alleviate the adverse effects of military base realignments and closures (BRAC) by providing planning assistance to communities. Regardless of whether a BRAC action results in the loss of local jobs, availability of property for civilian development, or an influx of military personnel and their dependents, community leaders will confront several challenges and opportunities.

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