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FY 2015 Defense Spending By State report now available for download.

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Title Summary Date
Fort Drum commander talks land use study’s impact on wind turbine projects, drones 04/21/2017
Sub suppliers sharing in EB boom 04/21/2017
Sen. Cornyn: Bright future ahead for Goodfellow Air Force Base 04/21/2017
DoD approves $70 million grant for Solomon Elementary 04/21/2017
JLUS Policy Committee awarded Department of Defense Joint Land Use Study Grant The Department of Defense (DoD) Office of Economic Adjustment has awarded a $532,700 grant to Coconino County for a Joint Land Use Study (JLUS), which provides recommendations for land uses that are compatible with the missions of military installations w 04/10/2017


Title Summary Date
U.S. Department of Transportation releases new transportation toolkit 01/23/2017
Indemnification or Defense, or Providing Notice to the Department of Defense, Relating to a Third-Party Environmental Claim The document is open for public comment until 2/6/2017. 12/09/2016
Defense Spending by State Fiscal Year 2015 The Defense Spending by State Fiscal Year (FY) 2015 report examines U.S. defense spending in FY 2015 at the state and local levels for the 50 states and Washington, D.C. After increasing by more than 66% when adjusted for inflation from FY 2000 to 2010, 11/07/2016
New Joint Land Use Study Projects Underway 09/29/2016
NAS Patuxent River Receives Sentinel Landscape Designation 05/07/2016