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    On July 9, 2015, the Army announced its Force Structure and Stationing Decisions. This decision will affect up to 40,000 uniformed service members, nearly 17,000 Army civilian employees, their families, and the states and communities that support them. If an Army installation is selected for force realignment or reduction, impacted areas may qualify for assistance from OEA. For more information, please contact David Kennedy, OEA Project Manager, at 703-697-2136 or david.r.kennedy.civ@mail.mil

State and local governments are eligible for OEA grant assistance as they seek to organize and plan economic recovery in response to the closure/realignment of military installations or cancellation or termination of a Defense contract, as well as to plan compatible land use near installations where civilian encroachment may impair the ongoing missions of an active duty installation. The eGrants system has been designed to enable grant applicants to prepare and submit online requests to OEA.

Note: eGrants is only accessible for communities with an existing relationship with OEA.

OEA Technical & Grant Assistance Programs in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

NumberCFDA Program Title
12.600 Community Investment
12.604 Community Economic Adjustment
12.607 Community Economic Adjustment Assistance for Establishment, Expansion, Realignment, or Closure of a Military Installation
12.610 Community Economic Adjustment Assistance for Compatible Use and Joint Land Use Studies
12.611 Community Economic Adjustment Assistance for Reduction in Defense Industry Employment
12.614 Community Economic Adjustment Assistance for Advance Planning and Economic Diversification
12.615 Research & Technical Assistance
12.617 Economic Adjustment Assistance for State Governments

For more information on non-OEA financial assistance, please go to Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) and Grants.gov.

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