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    On July 9, 2015, the Army announced its Force Structure and Stationing Decisions. This decision will affect up to 40,000 uniformed service members, nearly 17,000 Army civilian employees, their families, and the states and communities that support them. If an Army installation is selected for force realignment or reduction, impacted areas may qualify for assistance from OEA. For more information, please contact David Kennedy, OEA Project Manager, at 703-697-2136 or david.r.kennedy.civ@mail.mil

The All Partners Access NetworkThe My Town Hall feature is now being supported through the All Partners Access Network (APAN) site. APAN is a non-classified, web-enabled platform providing a capability to share/collaborate on a variety of mutual objectives among a diverse set of government, non-government, interagency and state partners using social networking technology. APAN uses a variety of social media tools like blogs, wikis, groups, forums, profiles, web conferencing, and file sharing to create an online community outside the military firewall (hosted on a .org instead of a .mil) where the Department of Defense can collaborate freely and securely with non-traditional partners like non-governmental organizations, academia, private organizations, and international organizations. Also, APAN uses structured tools to allow for file storage, mapping, and photo sharing. APAN is currently the official platform for the Defense Information Systems Agency’s Unclassified Information Sharing System.

To visit APAN, you may click on the logo above, or click here.

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