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What We Do

Many communities across the country have close ties with defense and military programs. Some communities are home to military bases or installations, while others have private sector manufacturers supplying defense contractors. Regardless of the relationship, when a defense program change occurs, it can have a major impact on the local and regional communities.

OEA works with communities who are facing potential shifts in economic stability because of changes within the defense industry. By leveraging the full capabilities of the federal government, we help these towns, cities and states plan for and implement a future that is both sustainable and successful.

Work Areas

OEA’s work focuses on where and how defense activities impact civilian communities and economies. Our activities fall into a number of different areas.

street view of a old-style town

Base Closure

Many communities have grown up around military bases, relying on the base to underpin economic development. A base closure poses significant challenges to a region.

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Base Realignment

A local base experiencing a reduction or increase in forces can impact everything from traffic patterns to school enrollment and local business stability.

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Base Reuse

Once a military base closes, a large amount of land may remain unused. Learn the best way to redevelop the land and grow the community around it.

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Compatible Use

We work with communities and military personnel so that the mission can continue and the community can grow.

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Defense Contractor Transitions

When budgets are cut and contracts end, unemployment and displacement become a concern in the private sector.

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Federal Assistance Coordination

OEA works closely with state and community leaders to identify and provide connections to the vast federal resources.

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Mission Change

Sometimes the defense mission changes – this can cause serious impacts throughout the region as communities address the new mission.

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OEA partners with organizations across the country including agencies within the federal government, state and local governments and others.

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OEA Programs

Learn more about our program areas and how we can help your community.

Industry Resilience

A defense contractor or manufacturer is making cuts or closing.



Base Realignment and Closure

A military installation is expanding, realigning, or closing.


Community Investment

Supporting the public schools that are on a military base and the roads surrounding them.


Compatible Use

Development needs of your community impact the local military installation.



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