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Compatible Use Eligibility and Requirements

OEA’s Compatible Use program provides technical and financial assistance to State and local governments to plan and carry out community adjustments required to promote compatible community development and activities that support the continued operational utility of a military installation, including test and training ranges and associated airspace.

Communities may participate in the Compatible Use program in response to the following:

  • Military Service nominates an installation as a candidate for a Joint Land Use Study (JLUS);
  • State or local government proposal to promote compatible siting of energy projects to prevent adverse impacts to Defense test, training and military operations; or
  • State or local government proposal for specific action required to mitigate existing community development that impairs the continued operational utility of a military installation.

OEA will evaluate existing or potential compatible use issues to determine if a JLUS or specific community proposal is justified. If there is interest from both the installation commander and the adjacent communities, OEA may provide a Community Planning Assistance grant to either the state or an affected local government.

The following is a list of grant assistance programs in the CDFA which apply to OEA’s Compatible Use program area:


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