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Compatible Use

Maintaining the military’s ability to carry out their missions is vital to the preservation of national security. However, population growth and urban development near military installations, ranges, or on lands beneath designated military training routes or special use airspace, can impact military test, training, and operations. OEA’s Compatible Use Program can provide an opportunity for continued community development and economic growth, and to maintain the military’s ability to test and train. Open communication, comprehensive community planning, and collaboration can help both parties meet their goals.

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Crane NSA

Indiana counties collaborate with NSA Crane to protect natural resounces.

Avon Park Air Force Range

Florida counties study wildlife management and activities compatible with military mission.

Aberdeen Proving Ground

Maryland counties collaborate with Aberdeen Proving Ground on planning and growth.

Youngstown Air Reserve Station

Trumball Co. and Youngstown ARS examine impacts of civilian growth on military mission.

Wallops Island SCSC

Accomack Co. studies ways for continued growth while supporting nearby military installations.

Tyndall Air Force Base

Florida’s Bay Co. works with Tyndall AFB for continued compatible growth.

Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point

Carteret Co. examines zoning and public safety with MCAS Cherry Point for urban growth.

Camp Clark

Camp Clark and local communities work together for compatible growth.

Camp Crowder

Camp Crowder and surrounding areas work to ensure successful community growth and development.

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune and Marine Corps Air Station New River

Onslow County works closely with Camp Lejeune and New River for compatible growth.

Travis Air Force Base

Solano Co. and Travis AFB examine civilian growth that is compatible with the mission.

Hampton Roads Region – Norfolk and Virginia Beach

Norfolk and Virginia Beach team up to address growth with local navy installations.

Westover Air Reserve Base

Westover Air Base and area communities collaborate for compatible urban development.

Submarine Base New London

New London communities work to ensure compatible growth with nearby naval base.

Fort Sill

Oklahoma communities partner with Fort Sill for successful growth.



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