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Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant and Red River Army Depot, Texas

Program: Base Realignment and Closure

Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant and Red River Army Depot, Texas


2005 BRAC actions resulted in the loss of over 600 civilian jobs in the Texarkana region. Over 900 work on the former Army facility today.

Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant and Red River Army Depot Today

The TexAmericas Center (TAC) and the U.S. Army completed an economic development conveyance agreement in September 2010 for 11,819 acres of which 8,874 acres have been conveyed. The property has 39 leases with 22 tenants who employ 934 individuals. 

TAC has completed five land sales since its inception, and one build-to-suit leaseback of a 75,000 square foot modern industrial building. TAC real estate services also include retrofit and lease of existing buildings and land leases. 

In November 2016, the largest lease announcement to date for the site occurred, when Expal USA signed a 10-year lease to re-occupy a portion of the former Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant (LSAAP). The investment, estimated at $24,000,000, will reuse 80,000 square feet and 225 acres. In addition, the company will occupy 15,000 square feet of warehouse space; 7,700 square feet of Class 1 munitions bunker space and accompanying acreage; as well as 2,500 square feet of office space. The project has helped TAC secure about $2,500,000 in technical assistance and infrastructure projects from the U.S. Economic Development Administration and the Texas Department of Agriculture (Community Development Block Grant funds). 

The property was the first site in all of Texas to be designated as a STAR ( S ites T hat A re R eady for development) site. The designation was conferred to a 101-acre Central Campus property during the first quarter of 2017 by the Texas Economic Development Council. Federal HUBZone status was conferred to the entire property on May 11, 2017.

Currently, there are 80 prospects in the pipeline that have had at least an initial contact or expressed interest to locate on the property. Lease revenue has been increasing each year and is currently $1.8M per year. On the Central Campus, 97 percent of habitable buildings are occupied. Occupancy on the East Campus is over 10 percent of all existing structures.


The LSAAP and the Red River Army Depot (RRAD) were adjacent Army installations located on nearly 40,000 acres in the heart of Bowie County, Texas. The land was acquired in the late 1930s and developed in the early 1940s as a military ordinance depot, evolving later into two separate installations for munitions production/storage, and military vehicle maintenance.

Pursuant to the 1995 Base Realignment and Closure process, certain missions at the RRAD were realigned, and 765 acres of land and buildings were determined to be surplus to the government's needs. Bowie County officials developed a comprehensive plan to acquire the property and develop it into a mixed-use commercial park. County and city officials then sought special legislation to establish the Red River Redevelopment Authority (RRRA). In 1998, the RRRA was created with the express purpose of acquiring and redeveloping the surplus military property. 

The 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Commission recommended the closure of the LSAAP and the realignment of the RRAD, resulting in the loss of 406 Army civilian positions, and 251 contractor positions. The impact was felt across the region, affecting communities in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. 

The total surplus property at these adjacent installations consists of 19,381 acres (15,546 at LSAAP and 3,835 at RRAD). The RRRA developed a Master Reuse Plan for the property in 2007 and acquired portions of the site for implementation of a large-scale industrial park. Upon receiving the property, the Authority rebranded its real estate assets under the TexAmericas Center (TAC) banner in 2010. TAC’s purpose is to create a thriving economic development engine that will power future growth of the greater Texarkana region.

TAC’s reuse plan includes retention of about 8,900 acres of the former LSAAP site. Approximately 5,500 acres were conveyed by the Army to Day and Zimmerman, the existing operating contractor at that time. 

TAC pursued an aggressive work strategy with state regulators to develop an early transfer agreement that would allow property to transfer to the community before clean-up, accelerating the beneficial occupancy and reuse of the site. The Army provided initial funding under an Environmental Services Cooperative Agreement to allow the community to conduct environmental due diligence. This helped to build the community’s confidence on the site’s environmental issues, and dramatically improved the state regulators’ comfort in approving the early transfer.

Since munitions have been produced at this facility since the 1940s, TAC has had to carefully coordinate access to TAC-owned facilities so the Army can continue with its extensive clean-up effort. Only 2,000 acres of the 8,900 acres transferred to TAC from the Army have received a “No Further Action” clearance. An additional 4,000 to 6,000 acres have been pending release since 2014. 

Updated October, 2017

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