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Who We Are

OEA is the Department of Defense’s field organization responsible for supporting state and local government's response to defense program changes, such as base closures, base restructuring or realignment, growth issues surrounding compatible land and air use for military base and community, and other issues that can impact the economy of a region.

Founded in 1961, OEA has helped communities of every size, in all 50 states and U.S. territories, with a variety of economic profiles and demographic makeups to rebound from defense program changes.

With offices in Washington D.C. and Sacramento, California, our interdisciplinary staff work closely with communities to create a positive environment for economic growth, innovative land use strategies, and an enhanced quality of life. We build and engage relationships with community members, private business, state governments, and the armed forces to ensure a successful transition.

Additionally, OEA staff actively participates on the President’s Economic Adjustment Committee to help coordinate federal interagency activities and assist local communities across the country leverage the full capabilities of the federal government.

OEA assists states and communities to:

  • Use technical and financial assistance to plan and develop local adjustment strategies
  • Engage the private sector in order to plan and undertake community economic development and base redevelopment
  • Develop enduring relationships with local military installations to create land and air use procedures that are beneficial to your community’s growth without impacting the military’s mission

OEA and federal government support is essential to communities nationwide as the military mission evolves, defense programs change, and the need for community growth continues.


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